VMworld Defy Convention – VMware Now Live Notes.

Managing multiple devices. Accessing Private cloud from behind firewalls and demands from mobile users with multiple devices (personal and corporate) is growing. Is IT ready for the mobile world? Budget has not grown, investments are in the past. Datacenters are of the past. Adapt or die, how do we do that?

The time is now! Software defined datacenter. Virtualization of the complete datacenter. Hybrid cloud moves the datacenter from behind the corporate firewalls to the public cloud. Mobility platforms are there to connect mobile users and their mobile devices to the corporate data and applications.

Software Defined datacenter, transfer workloads from private to hybrid cloud and mobile workforces. Applications for the future. We build for the applications. One size does not fit!


I will try to find the time to blog more about some of the above (I have some other subjects). I also want to be prepared for VMworld EU in october.

Network, Storage and Management (automation) need to be further software defined and virtualized.

We are not done yet. Awaiting an exciting future!

Early access and beta’s are available.