VMware vCenter – Remove Infrastructure Navigator Extension

Installation of trial applications sometimes goes wrong and you will have to remove the extension from vCenter. How will you do that with the web client?

  1. Go to your Managed Object Browser vCenter URL. That is https://<vcenter fqdn or ip>/mob.
  2. Logon with vCenter credentials.
  3. Click on content link in the Contentservice colum.image
  4. Click on ExtensionManager.
  5. Find your to remove extension in the list. For infrastructure navigator this is com.vmware.vadm. (vadm stands for vCenter Application Discovery Manager which is the predecessor of infrastructure navigator).
  6. Choose the UnregisterExtension method.image
  7. Fill in the extension name in the string box (in this case com.vmware.vadm).
  8. Click Invoke Method.
  9. You will get a response like void. Refresh the extension list to check is it is removed.

You can now browse your infrastructure without the navigator fail messages. Or go and install a licensed version.

– Hope it helps!